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For six consecutive weeks, you will attend a live webinar that is filled with actionable content and downloadable handouts for your journey.


In today’s busy world it is sometimes challenging to attend a live webinar at a specific time. If you cannot attend a live session, a replay will be available for your convenience so you don’t miss any content.


Learning is great but implementing what you learned is critical to achieve your goals. You will learn a system to assist you and your organization achieve the culture you desire for long-term success.


Six Week Virtual Bootcamp Details

Discover how to create an organizational culture that aligns with your strategy, creates a united, thriving, and dedicated workforce with high retention rates in order to increase your competitive advantage. 

All sessions will be held online, Tuesdays, 7PM ET/4PM PT


Module 1: TBD

Leadership & Culture


Module 2: TBD



Module 3: TBD


Great leaders skillfully use the power of culture in the workplace. This module sets the stage for the framework of the Five As System. 

  • How culture influences behavior
  • The culture and strategy connection
  • Defining, measuring, and shaping culture.
  • Managing culture to achieve your desired results.

The first step in the system is to ASSESS to define your Core Culture. This module provides a framework to facilitate culture defining activities.

  • Craft a Purpose Statement.
  • Define Core Values that distinguish the organization.
  • Review the strategic priorities of the organization.
  • Define the Core Culture.

The second step in the system is to AUDIT current practices to determine the degree of cultural alignment. Do employees live the culture?

  • Align internal practices: structure, recruitment, training, performance management, etc.
  • Align external practices: customers, products, & vendors.
  • Align public image: logo, symbols, PR, marketing, etc.


Module 4: TBD



Module 5: TBD



Module 6: TBD


The third step in the system is to ALIGN current practices to achieve a desired degree of cultural alignment.

  • Develop realistic plans to produce desired changes.
  • Specific and measurable objectives for each gap.
  • Create a list of activities with due dates, people, and other resources required. 
  • Create a monitoring, evaluation, and adjustment process.

The fourth step in the system is to ACT by implementing the alignment plan.

  • Communicate the plan across the organization.
  • Ensure everyone is accountable for personal actions.
  • Monitor and evaluate progress.
  • Communicate alignment progress.

The fifth step in the system is to ACHIEVE the results you desire and celebrate success!

  • Take time to celebrate individual and organizational achievements.
  • Reinforce desired behaviors through appropriate recognition programs.
  • The process never truly ends and should include a continuous audit and improvement process.


Rebecca Herman

Rebecca Herman, PhD

Founder, Winning Culture Leadership

Rebecca Herman, PhD, has been passionate about organizational culture for nearly 30 years. She learned early in her career that it is truly the people of the organization, their beliefs and behaviors that drive results. Rebecca loves to help leaders identify the culture that they need in order to truly enact their core values and achieve their optimum strategy for success.

Rebecca’s ability to look at each situation with fresh eyes and an open mind brings enormous value to her clients. With two decades in Human Resources, a decade in Higher Education, and three decades in volunteer leadership for her sorority, Dr. Herman has a wide range of experiences and practical knowledge in organizational culture and leadership. Whether speaking professionally or serving as a leadership consultant, Rebecca will help you achieve a Winning Culture!

Total Value: $1,200



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