Rebecca Herman, PhD

Founder of Winning Culture Leadership

Rebecca Herman Rebecca Herman, PhD, has been passionate about organizational culture for nearly 30 years. She learned early in her career that it is truly the people of the organization, their beliefs and behaviors that drive results. Rebecca loves to help leaders identify the culture that they need in order to truly enact their core values and achieve their optimum strategy for success.

In her two decades in Human Resources, Rebecca learned first-hand the importance of organizational culture and the need to have it aligned with the organization’s core values. In a senior leadership role with a Fortune 100 company, she realized the imperative that recruitment and selection plays in organizational culture and ultimately, the ability to achieve your stated strategy.

Her thirst for knowledge led her to pursue a PhD late in her career. Not surprisingly, Rebecca’s research interests centered on leadership and organizational development. Her award-winning dissertation identified a relationship of servant leadership and workplace spirituality. It was exciting for her to discover organizations that were doing this effectively – and very profitably! This opened a new quest to educate others and help more leaders and organizations to find ways to be truly effective through aligning their team with culture and values.

Dr. Herman spent the next decade in Higher Education in various leadership roles including Dean of a Business School. She enjoyed applying her business and research experience in the university environment but ultimately determined her desire was to reach those who would ultimately be tomorrow’s leaders. By becoming a graduate professor focusing on organizational development and leadership, Dr. Herman was able to reach thousands of MBA students with the ideas and concepts that she knows to be critical for the future of business.

One thing that Rebecca often shares with her clients is the importance of following your passion. She believes we must be our authentic self in order to find long-term satisfaction. Leading by example, she married her passion for leadership and culture with baseball by embarking on a two-year research project within the walls of Major League Baseball that ultimately resulted in the co-authoring and publishing of a book, “Lead Me Out to the Ballgame: Stories and Strategies to Develop Major League Leadership.” She loves to share her findings from two years in the clubhouse, the dugout, on the field, and in the press box. Interviewing 17 MLB managers and over 100 players and front-office personnel about leadership, relationships, and developing a winning culture was a transformational experience.

One thing has remained constant in Rebecca’s life the past 36 years and that is her commitment to Alpha Omicron Pi. Through AOII she has learned the true value of servant leadership, the power of organizational culture, and the intrinsic value of meaningful relationships. Rebecca has volunteered at the local, regional, and international level continuously for three decades. Most recently, she served six years on the Executive Board as International Vice President. In her role on this governance board, she was responsible for human resources and the volunteer structure.

Rebecca’s vast experience and ability to look at each situation with fresh eyes and an open mind brings enormous value to her clients. By listening to key stakeholders, she is able to take extremely complex issues and hone in on the heart of the matter. Whether speaking professionally or serving as a leadership consultant, Rebecca will help you achieve a Winning Culture!

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