Winning Culture Leadership

Leaders who know how to align their strategy with company culture are 3Xs more likely to achieve their desired goals, create an overall vision for their team and create a powerful competitive advantage!

Did you know?  Regardless of planning and effort, less than 33% of all organizations actually produce the results desired from their overall strategic plan!

If your organization is not achieving the results you desire with your team, there could be many reasons that success is eluding you … the most common is not having your company culture in alignment.

If your strategy and culture are not aligned, it will be an uphill battle to achieve the results you desire.

Rebecca Herman, PhD

How to know if you have a challenged company culture:

  • Lack of respect for company leadership
  • Procrastination or apathy is an ongoing problem with your team
  • Low sense of urgency and underachievement
  • Lack of accountability and/or fear of taking risks
  • Limited open dialogue from your team
  • Reduced professionalism and/or low morale
  • Misalignment of core values

Even if a few of these waring signed point to your organization, you are likely finding it challenging to achieve goals and long-term strategies.

Winning Culture Leadership supports your organization with a step-by-step program that guides leaders to celebrate company culture and team alignment.

Winning Culture Leadership teaches you how to:

  • Define Your Vision to drive strategy
  • Clarify Values and Core Beliefs as guiding principles
  • Ensure Resources for people in your organization to have the competencies and attitudes that showcase your company values
  • ALIGN the Expectations for Behaviors in the organization
  • Design Systems to measure, adjust, and reward the behaviors of your desired culture
  • Celebrate and have Fun … create an environment your team loves being a part of

Create Your Winning Culture Leadership for More Success Today!

Dr. Rebecca Herman is the Founder of Winning Culture Leadership. Learn more about her presentations, personalized consulting programs and events.

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